Voice Call Dialer

Version: 3.6
File size: 9.38MB
Requires: Android 6.0+
Updated: November 18, 2019

You have to wait 10 seconds.

Voice Call Dialer
Voice Call Dialer - Voice Phone Dialer is easy and smart contacts dialer who helps in voice dialing and making calls. Voice call dialer are a simple app which enables voice dialing or calls on android smartphone. It is very helpful voice assistant, especially in situations when we want to call someone from phone contact list but our hands are busy for example while driving a car. With voice dialer hands-free calls are easy to make, all you have to do is speak contact name aloud. This app is voice calling app for android and voice calling app 4g and voice calling app free. The automatic voice call dialer and automatic voice calling app if voice call dialer for android so it call English speaking calling app. The english speaking app by calling by speaking caller name and number also caller name speaking voice phone dialer and voice change cell phone dialer.

Features of Voice Call Dialer - Voice Phone Dialer.

# When you receive a call, new text message, the flash will blink.
# You can regulate blinking frequency.
# You can set up blinking with on/off in detail.
# Speaks number, if caller name not found in the contact list.
# Announce SMS sender name while receiving an SMS.
# No need to search your contact manually.
# No need of keyboard to type number.

Voice Call Dialer - Voice Phone Dialer incoming caller name talker speaks out the incoming caller name and message sender name so that you can identify who is calling without looking into your phone. The caller name announcer and real caller speaker is same app for user. The caller name announcer pro not a beta app. The caller name ringtone and caller name talker of caller id location tracker app is auto caller name announcer app. This is caller name announcer in hindi and caller speaker in hindi language of announce caller name announcer of announce caller name and sms. The incoming caller name announcer caller name speak and incoming caller name announcer and talker. It is a incoming caller name announcer which speaks in hindi only in hindi indian language and latest incoming caller name and number announcer also incoming caller name display and incoming caller name speaking. This is caller tune app incoming call app and incoming call announcer app and announce caller name as incoming call announcer name. It is incoming call announcer/talker as name announcer in incoming call of caller name announcer and flash light as caller name announcer plus flash on call and sms as caller name announcer and flash light. This caller name announcer app basic caller name announcer app download and caller name announcer application. From GooglePlay

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