Family Locator with GPS Tracker 2.0.9 APK

Version: 2.0.9
File size: 13.81MB
Requires: Android 4.1+
Updated: May 07, 2019

Family Locator with GPS Tracker reduces complexities from increasingly busy and difficult world and improves social connectivity among family members.
Family Locator with GPS Tracker App needs to be installed on the phone of every family members whose location is to be tracked.
Family Locator with GPS Tracker allows to:
* View their real-time location on Map. The location would be visible only to the group members and no one else.
* Track the location history of the individual members
* Observe the route taken by them and the maximum speed at which they have traveled
* Get to know their distance from you and time they will take to reach you.
* Share your Real time location with friends who do not have this App for 30 min, 1 hour, etc.
* Check in at the location with customised names for check-in locations.
* Communicate the distress situation to all the family members by pressing the panic button.
* Work across the technology barriers and make group members on both Android and iOS Phones

How to Use
A video on how to use the Family Locator with GPS Tracker App has been uploaded at
The App also has a Help menu for online help.
Family Locator with GPS Tracker: Answers the age old question of: