Tuesday, November 5, 2019

GPS Map Camera 1.7.8 APK

Version: 1.7.8
File size: 3.53MB
Requires: Android 4.0+
Updated: August 17, 2019

Please watch the teach video to know how to use it.
The main feature of the 'GPS Map Camera':
When you take a piture with GPS enabled, it will paste the google map, address and weather to picture. (GPS latitue/longitude also include in the information)

This APP is easy to get/set GPS location and GPS coordination for GPS Tag request before take a picture.

Please enable your network and GPS function before using this application.

In the camera setting page, the similar functions will be grouped with the same color.
Now, Seperate the following groups if your device has support.
1. Flash
2. Scene/Exposure/White Balance/Color Effect/ISO.
3. Focus Mode.
4. Antibanding.
5. Picture Size/Picture Quality.
6. GPS Use/GPS Picture Save/Map Zoom Scale/Map Size.
7. Sound.
The color of function string is white as default. If change to another function, the color will change to grouped color. It's better to recognize what you set.

The focus and zoom when preview:
Focus: use one finger to touch the screen.
Zoom: use two finger to zoom in/out.

1. Don't want to get MAP: "Option Settings" --> "GPS picture save" --> choice "one (original)".
2. Don't want to save GPS position: "Option Settings" --> "GPS Use" --> choice "disable GPS".
3. Don't want to popup prompt dialog: "Option Settings" --> "Prompt Dialog" --> choice "disable".

1. The picture saving time is more longer if the android version is below android-3.0.
2. The picture save to SD card (GpsMapCamera). Some device need a SD card.
3. In the outdoors, please set to "GPS Use" => "good GPS location"
     "GPS use" => "roughly GPS location" can be used in indoor positioning is relatively fast.
     But in some Android system, it seems have problem after using a period of time, you need to reboot to use it again or upgrade you android OS.

Third party resources be used (The ownership is belong to them.):
1. Google map. ( https://maps.google.com/ )
2. Yahoo weather info. (http://weather.yahoo.com/)
3. Xda weather icon (http://cpanelcloudvps.com/xda-developers-view-single-post-util-spb-mobile-shell-301/)

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