Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Fractions Calculator 2.13 APKs

Version: 2.13
File size: 7.22MB
Requires: Android 4.1+
Updated: October 29, 2019

Stylish, colorful and easy to use fraction calculator will help with everyday fractions problems.
Whether you're checking homework, preparing recipes, or working on construction projects, this nice calculator will be very helpful for working with fractions.

Perfect for school, work and home.

Fraction calculator features:
• Display fractions in a clear and elegant way, very easy to read and understand.
• Triple keypad for fast typing in each part of the fraction.
• Can perform calculations big numbers.
• Unlimited amount of fractions in expression.
• Supporting percentage calculations.
• Supporting parentheses.
• Fraction to decimal conversion.
• Auto-scrolling when entering long expressions.
• Result is automatically reduced to its simplest form.
• Perfectly suitable for phones and tablets.
• Available in multiple colors.

Turn your device into a powerful and handy tool to easily add, subtract, multiply, divide and calculate percentage with fractions.

Want to reduce a fraction to its simplest form? just enter it and hit "equal" button. The fraction will be reduced automatically to the simplest form.

If you have questions or suggestions to make this fraction calculator better or would like to see new features, send us an email to uucmobile@gmail.com

This is an ad-supported version.

Fraction Calculator (Free)
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